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PROFIBUS Technology and Application

Profibus Technology and Application


We are and will remain the world’s leading organization in the field of digital networking for industrial and process automation, serving our customers, our members and the press with the best solutions, benefits and information. We are committed to setting and protecting the standards for open communication and control in the automation and process market.


From the outset, the field of automation has been subject to continuous change. Not so long ago, this change was limited to the production area of a company. In production, the implementation of fieldbus technology has meant considerable innovation, enabling the migration from centralized to decentralized automation systems. This has been the PROFIBUS objective for more than 10 years.

In those 10 years PROFIBUS has become the world market leader in fieldbus technology. In spite of the outstanding success of recent years, PROFIBUS development continues with undiminished enthusiasm and energy. Initially the focus was on communication technology. Current activities center around system integration, engineering and, in particular, the application profiles. These profiles have made PROFIBUS the only fieldbus that provides comprehensive both factory and process automation.

Additionally, Information Technology (IT) increasingly determines development in today´s world of automation. Modern fieldbus systems have adopted IT principles and are achieving greater consistency with the corporate management level. In this respect, industrial automation is following the development trends of the office world, where IT has long since left its mark, radically transforming infrastructure, systems and processes. The integration of information technology in the world of automation opens up many new prospects for global data communication between automation systems. In pursuit of this objective, PROFIBUS is enhanced by the Ethernet-based communication standard PROFInet.

The use of open standards rather than proprietary solutions ensures long-term compatibility and expandability - in other words – protection of existing investment. This is a matter of key importance to the

PROFIBUS User Organization. The continuous development of PROFIBUS technology provides members with a long-term perspective.

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1. Communication in Automation

1.1 Industrial Communication

1.2 Fieldbus Technology Terms

1.3 International Standardization

2. PROFIBUS at a Glance

2.1 History

2.2 Market Position

2.3 Organization

2.4 The PROFIBUS ”Tool Box”

2.5 PROFIBUS - The keys to success

3. PROFIBUS Transmission and Communication

3.1 Transmission Technology

3.2 Communication Protocol DP

4. General Application Profiles

4.1 PROFIsafe


4.3 Time Stamp

4.4 Slave Redundancy

5. Specific Application Profiles

5.1 PROFIdrive

5.2 PA Devices

5.3 Fluid Power

5.4 SEMI Devices

5.5 Ident Systems

5.6 Remote I/O for PA

6. System Profiles

7. Device Management

7.1 GSD

7.2 EDD

7.3 FDT/DTM Concept

8. Quality Assurance

8.1 Test procedure

8.2 Conformance Certificate

9. Implementation

9.1 Standard Components

9.2 Implementation of Interfaces

10. PROFInet

10.1 The PROFInet Engineering Model

10.2 The PROFInet Communications Model

10.3 The PROFInet Migration Model

10.4 XML

10.5 OPC and OPC DX

11. PROFIBUS International


This document describes the essential aspects of PROFIBUS and takes into account the level of technology available at the end of 2002. Its objective is to provide a comprehensive description of the world's leading fieldbus system, PROFIBUS, without becoming too engulfed in specific details.

This brochure not only offers sufficient information to those with a basic knowledge and readers interested in an overview, but it also introduces experts to more extensive specialized literature. In this context, we would like to point out that, in spite of the care that has been taken in the preparation of this overview, only the PROFIBUS documents available on the Internet are definitive and binding. Please refer to them for more detailed information.

Chapters 1 and 2 offer an introduction to the principles of fieldbus technology and their implementation with PROFIBUS.

Chapters 3 to 6 deal with the core aspects of PROFIBUS and any repetition of subject matter dealt with in Chapter 2 is intentional for reasons of completeness. These chapters emulate the modular layout of PROFIBUS, from communication technology through application profiles to system profiles.

Chapters 7 to 9 are more practically oriented. They deal with subjects such as device management, implementation and certification.

Chapter 10 presents the theory of operation of PROFInet.

Chapter 11 completes the brochure with details of PROFIBUS International and the PROFIBUS User Organization.

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written by Rahul, October 03, 2017
Sir please send profibus technology book
PROFIBUS Technology and Application
written by Deanna Friel, February 13, 2018
This post contains huge valuable information on our technology. these post are contains tips for technology assisted experience prototyping. Really Great work. and thank you for sharing all your experience with all people.
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written by Deanna Friel, March 24, 2018
Great article. I really enjoyed very much with this article. Really it is an amazing article I had ever read. I hope it will help a lot for all. Thank you so much for this amazing posts and keep update like this excellent article.

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