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Programmed Maintenance of RS View32 SCADA


  • Be aware of Mains Powered Equipment
  • This Work Procedure is intended for use by suitably qualified Instrument Personnel Familiar with the construction, operation and hazards involved with the control.
  • Should further information be desired or should a particular problem arise which is not covered sufficiently by this procedure, consult your supervisor.
  • Use all Personnel Safety Equipment.

Tools Required:

Required to accomplish this task are as follows:

  • Standard Instrument Tool Kit
  • Small Torch
  • ControlDesk and AB Industrial PC Key Set. From Instrument Workshop


Required to accomplish this task are as follows:

  • Cleaning Supplies (Chux cloth)
  • Length of 1/4" Poly Line
  • Clean dry PC air filter
  • 3 1/2" Floppy Drive Cleaning Kit (if youre model has one)
  • CD-ROM and Zip Drive Cleaning Kit (if your model has one)



Be aware when removing covers that shorting any terminals in the PC will cause the SCADA to crash.
Do not direct the Air Hose on to your eye or any Body Parts.



Let the Control Room Operators know that you are going to work on the SCADA. Obtain a SWC before starting.


This procedure is generated for a monthly Programmed Maintenance of a SCADA PC. The procedure covers hardware checks as well as software cleanup in the hard disk.


1.    Open the rear doors of the control desk where the SCADA PC is to be worked on.

2.    Insert the T6 key, open the front cover of the PC drive bay.



3.    Do not cause any interruptions to AC power supply. Be careful not to accidentally touch the power switch or the reset switch. Unscrew the retaining bracket for the filter.
4.    Remove the front chassis fan filter by sliding towards the RHS.

5.    With the aid of the torch, check that the fan is operating.

6.    Listen to the fans and ensure that they are running quietly, and that the bearings are not noisy or rattling.

7.    If the fan is vibrating badly, that is due to a build-up of dirt on the blades.   The SCADA will have to be shut down to clean it.

8.    GO TO “CLEANING THE BLADES”. If the fan is running O.K., go to Step 9.    

9.    Blow out the fan filter with the 1/4” air hose.

10.    Re-install the front chassis fan filter. Install the retaining bracket and screw.

11.    Access to the rear of the SCADA and survey the cable connections. Ensure that all holding screws are finger tight.

12.    Listen to the power supply fan operation. Ensure that the fan is running. If fan has failed, the SCADA will have to be shutdown to replace the power supply.

13.    Carefully return the SCADA PC to its normal position.

14.    If accessing the rear of the PC from the front door of the control desk, ensure that the front door is closed and sealed correctly.

15.    Store the Air Line in the bottom of the Cupboard in the Instrument Workshop.


16.    Logon to Maintenance Profile on the SCADA, minimise the running project.

17.    Using the mouse/trackball, Click START, PROGRAM, Windows Explorer. Select A drive.

18.    Place a few drops of Cleaning Fluid on the Head Cleaning Disk.
19.    Put the Head Cleaning Disk in the Floppy Drive.
20.    Click ok.

21.    Type in the File Name text box: CLEAN.

22.    Click ok.
23.    The Drive will look for the CLEAN file, search the Disk and return an invalid drive, cleaning the Heads in the process.

24.    Repeat Step 23 five (5) times.
25.    Remove the Head Cleaning Disk.
26.    Repeat Steps 19 to 26 for the CD Drive and the ZIP Drives.

27.    Close and lock the front cover of the PC drive bay. Return the T6 key to Instrument Workshop.

28.    Close the rear door of the control desk. Ensure the seal is tight.


29.    Check the Mylar Overlay on the SCADA Keyboard for holes, wear and tear. The areas of most wear are the ENTER, ESCAPE and the ARROW Keys. If it has holes on these Keys, it should be replaced. 


30.    The SCADA needs to be shutdown to replace the keyboard.

31.    Ensure proper RS View32 project and Windows NT shutdown.

32.    Once shutdown is complete, access the rear of the SCADA PC and remove the PS2 keyboard connector.
33.    Remove the faulty keyboard from the front of the control desk, sliding the cable through access holes.
34.    Position the new keyboard and tighten the holding nuts.
35.    Plug in the PS2 connector to the rear of the SCADA PC.


36.    THE RS View project needs to be shutdown.


37.    Ensure proper RS View32 project shutdown.

38.    Run Windows Explorer.

39.    Review properties of C: Ensure that there is more than 50% free space.

40.    Review properties of D: Ensure there is 70% free space.

41.    If space needs to be created, backup historical files and delete old files.

42.    Run Disk Manager utility and clean up HDD by deleting all temporary files.

43.    Insert backup zip disk in the drive and back up the RS View project and all historical data files.


44.    Run the pointing device as normal. Ensure that the cursor moves smoothly across the screen. If the Cursor is STICKY, clean the Mouse/Trackball.

45.    To clean the Mouse, turn the mouse over, twist the roller cover anticlockwise.

46.    Release cover, remove the ball.

47.    Clean the dirt off the metal roller bearing.

48.    Clean the accumulated dirt off the x-axis plastic roller bar.

49.    Clean the accumulated dirt off the y-axis plastic roller bar.

50.    Re-install the ball and cover.


51.    On the VDU or TFT monitor, observe that the screen is stable on the top, bottom, right, left, RH top corner and LH top corner, RH bottom corner and LH bottom corner.

52.    Observe that the screen size is correctly oriented.

53.    Select De-gauss.

54.    Check screen refresh frequency against previous record. Report if altered.

55.    If adjustments are required on the monitor, access to control knobs located at the back. Alternatively, run the monitor utility and make adjustments by software.

56.    Dampen the chux cloth, wipe the front of the monitor until all stains and blemishes have been removed.

57.    Clean the surrounding area of the Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse/Trackball.


To do this:

a)    Shutdown the RS View project and SCADA PC properly.

b)    Remove the front cover.

b)    Remove the fan filter.

c)    You now have access to the fan to clean the blades.

d)    Using a rag with solvent cleaner, wipe the fan blades. Using a torch will help to see the dirt build up on the Blades.

f)    When the fan blade is clean, restore the front cover.
g)    Restart the SCADA PC and RS View32 project.
Report all results and any problems on the Work Order and notify your Supervisor.

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