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SPEEDTRONIC Mark VI Protection Systems

  • If the control system fails to protect the machine in dangerous cases, the protection system helps to prevent damages

  • When a predefined limit is reached, alarm is generated to notify the operator about the malfunction

  • In serious cases the turbine is tripped

Overtemperature protection

  • In normal operating conditions the temperature control loop regulates the fuel flow in the case of overtemperature

  • If this control loop fails, the temperature can dangerously exceed the allowed limits

  • The overtemperature protection system compares the exhaust temperatures with predefined alarm and trip setpoints

  • If the temperature is too high, alarm is generated or the machine is tripped

Overspeed protection

  • Protects turbine against damage caused by overspeeding

  • Useful if the speed control loop has a failure

  • If TNH becames higher than the overspeed setpoint, the turbine is tripped

Flame detection protection

  • Flame detector in the combustion chamber, detects UV radiation 8 FD

  • Its input used for logic sequencing (start-up process) and for protection as well

  • Flame loss detection during turbine operation generates an emergency shutdown (TRIP)

Vibration protection

  • Magnetic detector moving inside a fixed coil, generating low voltage output signals

  • Detectors are located on different parts of the machine (bearings, housing)

  • The Mark VI and a standalone vibration monitor (BN) handle the vibration signals

  • Alarm or trip is generated in the case of dangerous vibration level is detected

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