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SPEEDTRONIC Mark VI Control Software Philosophy

  • Gas turbine control for example if the exhaust temperature exceeds the allowed limit, the fuel supplied to the turbine will be reduced

  • The operating conditions are changing based on the sensor detected values

  • The control is realized by the use of different control loops

Control software philosophy

  • Major control loops: startup, speed, temperature

  • Secondary control loops: acceleration, manual, shutdown

  • Fuel Stroke Reference (FSR) is the output command signal to the fuel flow

  • Minimum selector receives the output of the control loops

  • The lowest FSR value will be always active and controlling the fuel flow

  • Correct speed detection is very important

Startup control loop

Speed relays detect the current speed of the shaft:

  • L14HR –Zero speed(below0.3% of max.speed) -turbine shaft started to rotate

  • L14HM –Minimum firing speed (above15%) -turbine reached minimum firing speed

  • L14HA –Acceleratingspeed (above 50%) -acceleration phase, turbine startup is in progress

  • L14HS –Min. operation speed (above 96%) -the turbine hasreached the operational speed

The startup control loop operates using different preset levels of FSR stored as Mark VI constants:






  • During the startup process the different FSR values are applied by the startup control loop to the fuel flow, based on the current speed of the shaft.

  • The shaft speed is detected by 3 magnetic pickup sensors (77NH-1,2,3)

  • The current speed -TNH (actual speed) is calculated from the sensors’ signals

  • The reference speed –TNR is the desired speed

  • Proportional regulator calculates FSR based on the TNH and the TNR(reference speed)

  • TNR typically changes between 96-102% of speed

  • Under manual control the operator may change the TNRwithin the range above

Acceleration control loop

  • The acceleration control loop monitors the increasing rate of the turbine speed

  • If during the startup process a predefined acceleration limit is reached, the acceleration control loop takes over the FSR control from the startup control loop to limit the acceleration and protect the instrument

Temperature control loop

  • Maintains allowed operating temperatures by limiting fuel flow to the turbine

  • Uses 24 exhaust thermocouples as input temperature values

  • A regulator is used to calculate the FSR based on the current values and predefined values.

  • If the calculated FSR is lower than the current FSR, the temperature control loop will take over the FSR control according the minimum selector

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