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SPEEDTRONIC Mark VI Software Description

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

  • industrial computer

  • monitoring the plant

  • customizing Mark VI (I/O, sequence)

  • not critical, doesn’t sequencing

  • Intel Pentium processor

  • Windows operating system

  • monitor

  • keyboard, pointing device (mouse or trackball)

  • alarm printer

  • Ethernet interface card

  • serial (RS-232) interfaces for Bently Nevada and DCS if needed

Software structure

  • TCI (Turbine Control Interface):managing the ALARM signals and the MODBUS communication with the DCS

  • Toolbox Mark VI development interface, allows I/O assignment and logic sequence development

  • Cimplicity visualization software, displays the animated graphic pages, and handles instructions from the operator

Directory structure

  • C:CIMPLICITY - Cimplicity application executables for Windows

  • C:SITE - Mark VI configuration, pseudo drive: F:

  • F:Cimproj - Cimplicity project files (graphic pages, project specific configuration)

  • F:Unit n - configuration files for the Mark VI (sequences, I/O configuration)

F:Unit1 files

  • T1.M6B - Contains all the I/O signals definitions and terminal assignments, and the control logic sequence blocks

  • SYS1.SYB - Analog scales and the resources associated to the signals

  • HMI1.HMB - the interface (bridge) between Cimplicity and the Toolbox, provides change of informations

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