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SPEEDTRONIC Mark VI Hardware Description

Mark VI configuration

Mark VI configuration -TCP

R,S,T modules and the Protection modules are interconnected

PDM –Power Distribution Module

The Power Distribution Module provides different voltages –125 Vdc, 115 Vac (and 230 Vac in certain applications) for all the Control Modules, Protection Modules and terminal boards

PDM –Power Distribution Module

VPRO rack –Protection Modules

VPRO rack –IONET connection

R/S/T rack composition

Rack Power Supply

Rack Power Supply Switch

Rack Power Supply –PDM connections

Rack Power Supply –Rack connections

Rack Jumper –for rack identification

VCMI and UCVE cards

VCMI card (IONET) explanation

• Communication interface management for internal IONET network

• Provides communication between UCVE cards, I/O cards and VPRO cards

• Provides the base of the modular redundant philosophy, that keeps the turbine operating with only two main processors as well

• Allows maintenance/repair actions on the control rack without the need of stopping the turbine

• Importance of the 50 ohms end-line termination resistances

VCMI IONET connections

UCVE card explanation

• Main control processor card

• Executes the application code and the turbine logic sequence

• Ethernet connector provides external UDH(unit data highway) network interface for the HMI

• COM1 serial port (RS232) for initial ethernet address confoguration

• COM2 serial port (RS232) for MODBUS communication

UCVE card explanation

I/O cards explanation

  • Processing the input signals from the terminal boards

  • Can be TMR or Simplex depending on the processed signals

  • Direct cable connection with the terminal boards

  • Provides the detected values for the system through the internal IONET network

  • LEDs are showing the card status

I/O cards terminal board connections

I/O cards status LEDs

Mark VI I/O cards and terminal boards:

  • VPRO I/O card:

       TPRO: turbine protection speed detection

       TREG: emergency trip pushbuttons

  • VTUR I/O card:

       TTUR: turbine regular speed detection

       TRPG: flame detection and primary trip relays

  • VVIB I/O card:

       TVIB: seismic vibration

  • VSVO I/O card:

       TSVO: servovalve output signals and LVDT feedback

  • VAIC I/O card:

       TBAI: 4..20 mA or 0..10 V analog inputs and outputs

  • VCRC I/O card:

       TBCI: contact (logic) input signals

       TRLY: contact or solenoid (logic) output signals

  • VTCC I/O card:

       TBTC: thermocouple temperature input signals

  • VRTD I/O card:

        TRTD: RTD temperature input signal

  • Logic signal terminal boards are located in the HIOS section of the UCP

  • Analog signal terminal boards are located in the LIOS section of the UCP

UCP HIOS section –digital boards

UCP LIOS section –analog boards

Terminal boards screw connections

Mark VI I/O cards

Contact inputs / TBCI board:

• Powered by 125 Vdc voltage to detect circuit continuity

• Inversion mask can be applied to each contact inputs on the VCRC I/O card, to normalize the data value and simplify the understanding of the control logic

Contact inputs (TMR) / TBCI board:

Contact inputs (Simplex) / TBCI board:

Contact outputs / TRLY board:

  • Dedicated magnetic relay for each output

  • Can be NO or NC depending on the terminals used

  • For solenoid signals 110 Vdc voltage is switched according to the output logic status

  • For solenoid usage jumper must be inserted to each output channel

Contact outputs / TRLY board:

Analog inputs/outputs / TBAI board:

Analog inputs can monitor 4..20 mA loops (250 ohms), which can be configured as self-powered or can be powered from theMark VI .

Analog outputs can be configured as 4..20 mA output or as 0..200 mA output

TMR voting system

Logical input voting examples

Analog (median) input voting examples

Logic output voting

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written by HASSAN AL GHIDAOUI, May 03, 2015
written by sreeni, August 09, 2015
good information
Auto Synch Mark VI
written by gustav, March 06, 2017
May I know where do the K25P/K25A and 25 relay for synchronizing located?
Any photos for that?

Secondly does anyone here has any notes for troubleshooting esp using the Toolbox?

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