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Globe Valves - Balanced-Plug Cage-Style Valve Bodies

This popular valve body style, single-ported in the sense that only one seat ring is used, provides the advantages of a balanced valve plug often associated only with double-ported valve bodies (figure 3-5). Cage-style trim provides valve plug guiding, seat ring retention, and flow characterization. In addition a sliding piston ring-type seal between the upper portion of the valve plug and the wall of the cage cylinder virtually eliminates leakage of the upstream high pressure fluid into the lower pressure downstream system. Downstream pressure acts on both the top and bottom sides of the valve plug, thereby nullifying most of the static unbalance force. Reduced unbalance permits operation of the valve with smaller actuators than those necessary for conventional single-ported valve bodies. Interchangeability of trim permits choice of several flow characteristics or of noise attenuation or anti-cavitation components. For most available trim designs, the standard direction of flow is in through the cage openings and down through the seat ring. These are available in various material combinations, sizes through 20-inch, and pressure ratings to Class 2500.

 Figure 3-5. Valve Body with Cage- Style Trim, Balanced Valve Plug, and Soft Seat

Figure 3-5. Valve Body with Cage-Style Trim, Balanced Valve Plug,and Soft Seat

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