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Nice Training Kit for Students

With too much information being embedded by instructors and professors from the technical books to the minds of Instrumentation and Control students, it is a best that they will also learn and apply practically the knowledge they acquired. Too much 'books' information inserted into the brains of the young fellows without physical understanding is just some sort of very slow learning. No need to wait for an on-the-job trainings. It is better to let the students prove what they are learning in the real world.

I found this Instrumentation and Control training kit very handy for them. Either I could purchase one or make one as well and donate it to schools who teaches Instrumentation and Control. See the video below:


Too Cool Engineering Terminology

I found this video while browsing the youtube. I can only understand a few of what he is saying for which ironically, I am a technical person myself. Too much terminology he is saying here, it so sounds so highly so advanced. Video after the jump...


What's This Blog Page Doin' Here?

You might ask what's this blog page doing in a highly technical website? I should be writing 'ideal' (from the book and by the book) articles here, not marred by personal insights. I have read, searched and researched thousands and thousands of articles flooding the world wide web information in the matters of industrial automation, mechatronics and instrumentation and frankly speaking, they are all the same. Just a mixed of words of a certain article and it becomes another one and so on an so forth. Only a few people are doing real 'new' information.


Crazy 5S Misconceptions

 It's the trend and 5S is in. No, it's not fashion that I am talking about here but the Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke thing or translated in English to Sorting, Straightening, Sweeping or Shine (cleaning), Standardizing, Sustaining the discipline.

Three words are added, though in debate which are the Safety, Security, and Satisfaction. Several industries ranging from food, ceramics, and petrochemicals to metals are now doing this workplace organization methodology. Specific departments were set upped for this purpose and the idea is great.

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