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The Value of Knowing...

The other day, I sent off one of my electrical technician colleage to some breakdown on one of our company multi-purpose industrial cranes. One of its specialized hoist is not working and is unable to lift its load. Immediately he sped off to the scene and few minutes later came back.

I asked him if the problem was already rectified and he said yes and the production people are already using it. I ask him what he did to fix the problem and promptly replied with another question if I had raised a workorder for it. I said yes and ask him why he'd ask and if he did something to make it okay and working.

He answered that it was just a small thing and no need to raise the work order as it would be a 'hassle' of making report and closing the said workorder. He said only resetted the circuit breaker that tripped due to some insulation fault. That fault always comes when the hoist comes in contact with the earth ground which is quite common in our case.

So instead of deleting the workorder that I just made, I told him one story I read in one of the industrial magazine I had at home:

"A certain company had one of its production lines shutdown due to an unknown fault that keeps on popping on their HMI screen which whenever they would start using the machine. It was a code red alarm that should get fixed before any operation would be done by that machine or else it result in a catastrophic failure which would require buying a new assembly of that equipment. Actually the machine was also old but really efficient and its manuals were either missing or not complete anymore.

So they outsourced some guy who has experience on the maintenance of the said machinery and everything was fixed in just mere 10 minutes and it run much more smoothly like it was new.

The next thing, the finance department asked for the exact bill for repair from the guy. The guy promptly replied with a 8000 dollars all in.

The finance department was shocked of the said amount for a mere 10-minute job but still managed to ask what he did to make it work.

The guy replied that one sensor connection was loose so he only tightened the bolt terminal that was holding its contacts.

This reply even shocked the finance department more and answered back to him that he is asking such a large amount for only tightening one bolt to which the guy replied:

'The tightening of the said bolt was free. It was knowing which bolt to tight which cost that amount.'"

My colleague-friend totally got into the story and put a wide smile on face. It really made his day.

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written by print gloves, July 03, 2012
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