Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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Automation Test and Training Rig: The Making

With the tens and tens of maintenance jobs that me and my colleagues are attending daily, it seems that time for learning and actually understanding how each equipment interacts with each other are getting less and slow especially for the new hires. Very little time to explain and discuss with them the whole process and techniques required to solve problems quickly. So me and the Mr. Senen Malacaste, Senior Maintenance Electrical Specialist (the guy below), started the assembly of this test and training rig.

Everyday, We, both are adding up a certain instrument or equipment and simulate the signal transmission and process on how it would actually happen when used within an equipment. Though not the entire manufacturing assembly, what we are trying to do is to give into detail what this and that would do in a 'by-segment' level.

What currently present on our project in terms of communication busses are DeviceNet, ControlNet, ASi, Profibus, and EtherNet (wired and wireless). Soon, we will be adding Foundation Fieldbus and ModBus as soon we can get a hand of these devices.

Even at this current stage, where I consider the rig as just half-way done, we have already answered with a high satisfaction rate most questions our colleagues been asking like how to add and configure parameters of devices on the different networks and actuall letting them do it by themselves.

By the way, I need suggestions for making this more than satisfying, I want inputs that would make this very successful in terms of Industrial Automation and Mechatronics education.

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