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Nice Training Kit for Students

With too much information being embedded by instructors and professors from the technical books to the minds of Instrumentation and Control students, it is a best that they will also learn and apply practically the knowledge they acquired. Too much 'books' information inserted into the brains of the young fellows without physical understanding is just some sort of very slow learning. No need to wait for an on-the-job trainings. It is better to let the students prove what they are learning in the real world.

I found this Instrumentation and Control training kit very handy for them. Either I could purchase one or make one as well and donate it to schools who teaches Instrumentation and Control. See the video below:

(I am not promoting this product. I just appreciate its concept in teaching the students and letting them do some hands-on training.)

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written by Michael Kim, March 06, 2012
Where can I buy something like this? I have seen one in radioshack but it is so basic. I need this kind though.

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