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What's This Blog Page Doin' Here?

You might ask what's this blog page doing in a highly technical website? I should be writing 'ideal' (from the book and by the book) articles here, not marred by personal insights. I have read, searched and researched thousands and thousands of articles flooding the world wide web information in the matters of industrial automation, mechatronics and instrumentation and frankly speaking, they are all the same. Just a mixed of words of a certain article and it becomes another one and so on an so forth. Only a few people are doing real 'new' information.

Mickey Mouse Happy Engineer

I was a student before, in fact I have took a ladderized program of Industrial Automation from our local State University, first with Industrial Automation and Controls, and then with Industrial Automation and Mechatronics. The basic information is eerily the same with only a few additions. It applied for me for my first career step, i'm sure it had also happened to you. But they did not tell me that there is more than what is in the syllabus they have offered me. The senses, feelings, and the mind. They did not go beyond that.

Now before I will venture out of this blog topic, to tell you, I am not a 'zombie' automation and controls practicioner and I know that you are not too. Students have feelings. Hobbyist have feelings. Technicians have feelings. Engineers have feelings. The industrial environment is constantly changing. Tell me where I am wrong. The formula of running efficiently an industrial company is not 100 percent written on the manual.

This blog page will spurt out articles from me and you perhaps if you are willing to share stuffs like personal experiences and real world information involving the wholeness of the manufacturing process, career enhancements, all for the sake of us, humans and our environment. We will make it easy for them. Yes, you and me, we. I cannot give the easiest and happy path without some of your help. Let's make the our profession, an easy and a happy one. Smiling Automation Professional!

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written by Mining Recruitment, July 04, 2012
I agree. They are people too and they need to express their feelings too because too much emotions can keep them from working properly.

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