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Term Definition

Abbreviation for American Society of Mechanical Engineers.


A program that translates assembly language instructions into machine language instructions.

Assembly Language

A machine oriented language in which mnemonics are used to represent each machine language instruction. Each CPU has its own specific assembly language.


Abbreviation for American Society for Testing and Materials.

Asymmetry Potential

The potential developed across the glass membrane with identical solutions on both sides. Also a term used when comparing glass electrode potential in pH 7 buffer.


A communication method where data is sent when it is ready without being referenced to a timing clock, rather than waiting until the receiver signals that it is ready to receive.


Automatic temperature compensation.


A device that reduces the amplitude or power level of a signal without introducing appreciable distortion.


The ability to measure DC values of either polarity without the need to interchange test lead connections.


An automatic correction for offsets and drifts at zero input.

Automatic Control System

A control system that operates without human intervention.

Automatic Reset
  1. A feature on a limit controller that automatically resets the controller when the controlled temperature returns to within the limit bandwidth set. 2. The integral function on a PID controller which adjusts the proportional bandwidth with respect to the set point to compensate for droop in the circuit, i.e., adjusts the controlled temperature to a set point after the system stabilizes.
Average Responding

An AC measurement obtained using a DC instrument with a rectifying input circuit calibrated in terms of the corresponding RMS value. Accurate only for pure sine wave inputs.


American Wire Gage.

Axis of Rotation (Spin Axis)

The axis of rotation (spin axis) is that straight line about which a body rotates.

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