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Term Definition
Analog Output

A voltage or current signal that is a continuous function of the measured parameter.

Analog Output Module

An I/O module that contains circuits that output an analog dc signal proportional to a digital value transferred to the module from the processor. By implication, these analog outputs are usually direct (i.e., a data table value directly controls the analog signal value).

Analog-to-Digital Converter (A/D or ADC)

A device or circuit that outputs a binary number corresponding to an analog signal level at the input.


An instrument for measuring and/or indicating the velocity of air flow.

Angle Valve

(Sliding-Stem Control Valve Terminology) A valve design in which one port is co-linear with the valve stem or actuator, and the other port is at a right angle to the valve stem.


Ten to the minus tenth meters (10-10) or one millimicron, a unit used to define the wave length of light. Designated by the symbol ‰.

Angular Frequency

The motion of a body or a point moving circularly, referred to as the circular frequency O which is the frequency in cycles per second (cps) multiplied by the term (2) and expressed in radians per second (2pf).


A negatively charged ion (Cl-, NO3-, S2- etc.)


Abbreviation for American National Standards Institute.

ANSI C39.1 Standard

American National Standards Institute specification for analog meters.

Anti-reset Windup

This is a feature in a three-mode PID controller which prevents the integral (auto reset) circuit from functioning when the temperature is outside the proportional band.


Abbreviation for American Petroleum Institute.

Application Program

A computer program that accomplishes specific tasks, such as word processing.

AS-I (Actuator-Sensor Interface)

A low-cost electromechanical connection system designed to operate over a two-2ire cable carrying data and power over a distance of up to 100m, or more if repeaters are used.


American Standard Code for Information Interchange. A seven or eight bit code used to represent alphanumeric characters. It is the standard code used for communications between data processing systems and associated equipment.

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