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T63 (Tee-63)

A measure of device response. It is measured by applying a small (usually 1-5%) step input to the system. T63 is measured from the time the step input is initiated to the time when the system output reaches 63% of the final steady-state value. It is the combined total of the system Dead Time (Td) and the system Time Constant (t). (See Dead Time and Time Constant.)

Thermal Conductivity

The ability of a substance to transmit heat by conduction.

Time Constant

A time parameter that normally applies to a first-order element. It is the time interval measured from the first detectable response of the system to a small (usually 0.25% - 5%) step input until the system output reaches 63% of its final steady-state value. (See T63.) When applied to an open-loop process, the time constant is usually designated as τ (Tau). When applied to a closed-loop system, the time constant is usually designated as λ (Lambda).


A device that senses the value of the process variable and transmits a corresponding output signal to the controller for comparison with the set point.


The movement of the closure member from the closed position to an intermediate or rated full open position.

Travel Indicator

A pointer and scale used to externally show the position of the closure member typically with units of opening percent of travel or degrees of rotation.


The internal components of a valve that modulate the flow of the controlled fluid.

Trim, Soft-Seated

(Sliding-Stem Control Valve Terminology) Valve trim with an elastomeric, plastic or other readily deformable material used either in the closure component or seat ring to provide tight shutoff with minimal actuator forces.

Trunnion Mounting

(Rotary-Shaft Control Valve Terminology) A style of mounting the disk or ball on the valve shaft or stub shaft with two bearings diametrically opposed.

TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic)

One of the more common logic families in use today. Other logic families include CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) and ECL (emitter-coupled logic). Different logic families are distinguished by such electrical characteristics as logic levels, input current, speed, power consumption, and the supply voltage required.


A type of outsourcing method that turns over to the subcontractor all aspects of manufacturing including material acquisition, assembly and testing. Its opposite is consignment, where the outsourcing company provides all materials required for the products and the subcontractor provides only assembly equipment and labor.

Twinaxial Cable

A transmission line made up of a twisted pair of insulated conductors centered inside and insulated from a conductive shield.

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