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See Infrared

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Memory that can be both read and changed during computer operation. Unlike other semi-conductor memories, RAM is volatile-if power to the RAM is disrupted or lost, all the data stored is lost.


The region between the limits within which a quantity is measured, received, or transmitted, expressed by stating the lower and upper range values (for example: 3 to 15 psi; -40 to +212 degrees F; -40 to +100 degrees C).


(Control Valve Functions and Characteristics Terminology) The ratio of the largest flow coefficient (Cv) to the smallest flow coefficient (Cv) within which the deviation from the specified flow characteristic does not exceed the stated limits. A control valve that still does a good job of controlling when flow increases to 100 times the minimum controllable flow has a rangeability of 100 to 1. Rangeability can also be expressed as the ratio of the maximum to minimum controllable flow rates.

Rankine (°R)

An absolute temperature scale based upon the Fahrenheit scale with 180° between the ice point and boiling point of water. 459.67°R = 0°F.

Rate Action

The derivative function of a temperature controller.

Rate time

the time interval over which the system temperature is sampled for the derivative function.

Rated Flow Coefficient (Cv)

(Control Valve Functions and Characteristics Terminology) The flow coefficient (Cv) of the valve at rated travel.

Rated Travel

(Control Valve Functions and Characteristics Terminology) The distance of movement of the closure member from the closed position to the rated full-open position. The rated full-open position is the maximum opening recommended by the manufacturers.

Ratiometric Measurement

A measurement technique where an external signal is used to provide the voltage reference for the dual-slope A/D converter. The external signal can be derived from the voltage excitation applied to a bridge circuit or pick-off supply, thereby eliminating errors due to power supply fluctuations.

Read Only Memory (ROM)

Memory that contains fixed data. The computer can read the data, but cannot change it in any way.

Real Time

The time interval over which the system temperature is sampled for the derivative function.


A collection of unrelated information that is treated as a single unit.

Recovery Time

The length of time which it takes a transducer to return to normal after applying a proof pressure.

Redox Potential

The potential developed by a metallic electrode when placed in a solution containing a species in two different oxidation states.

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