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Term Definition

Outside diameter.


Pertaining to a base 8 number system.


The difference in temperature between the set point and the actual process temperature. Also, referred to as droop.

Offset Valve

(Sliding-Stem Control Valve Terminology) A valve construction having inlet and outlet line connections on different planes but 180 degrees opposite each other.


Oxygen-free high-conductivity copper. The industrial designation of the pure copper used in a Type T thermocouple.


An instrument used to measure electrical resistance.

On/off Controller

A controller whose action is fully on or fully off.

OOA (Object Oriented Analysis)

Developing software engineering requirements and specifications that expressed as a system's object model ( which is composed of a population of interacting objects), as opposed to the traditional data of functional views of systems.

OOD (Object Oriented Design)

Developing of Object Oriented model of a software system to implement the identified requirements.

Open Circuit

The lack of electrical contact in any part of the measuring circuit. An open circuit is usually characterized by rapid large jumps in displayed potential, followed by an off-scale reading.

Open Loop

The condition where the interconnection of process control components is interrupted such that information from the process variable is no longer fed back to the controller set point so that corrections to the process variable are no longer provided. This is typically accomplished by placing the controller in the manual operating position.

Open Systems

Those systems that can be supplied by hardware components from multiple vendors, and whose software can be operated from different platforms. They are opposite to closed or proprietary systems.

Operating Medium

This is the fluid, generally air or gas, used to supply the power for operation of valve positioner or automatic controller.

Operating System

A collection of programs that controls the overall operation of a computer and performs such tasks as assigning places in memory to programs and data, processing interrupts, scheduling jobs and controlling the overall input/output of the system.

Operational pH

The determination of sample pH by relating to pH measurements in a primary standard solution. This relationship assumes that electrode errors such as sensitivity and changes in asymmetry potential can be disregarded or compensated for, provided the liquid junction potential remains constant between standard and sample.

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