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N/C (No Connection)

A connector point for which there is no internal connection.


Used to stand for National Association of Corrosion Engineers. As the scope of the organization became international, the name was changed to NACE International. NACE is no longer an abbreviation.


National Bureau of Standards.


National Electric Codes.

Negative Temperature Coefficient

A decrease in resistance with an increase in temperature.

NEMA Enclosure

A rating standard from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association which defines intended use and degree of environmental protection.


A standard from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, which defines enclosures with protection against dirt, dust, splashes by non-corrosive liquids, and salt spray.


A standard from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, which defines enclosures intended for indoor or outdoor use primarily to provide a degree of protection against windblown dust and rain, splashing water, and hose-directed water.


A standard from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, which defines explosion-proof enclosures for use in locations classified as Class I, Groups A, B, C or D, as specified in the National Electrical Code.

NEMA-Size Case

A US case standard for digital panel meters, which requires a panel cutout of 3.93 x 1.69 inches.

Nernst Equation

A mathematical description of electrode behavior: E is the total potential, in millivolts, developed between the sensing and reference electrodes; Ex varies with the choice of electrodes, temperature, and pressure: 2.3RT/nF is the Nernst factor (R and F are constants, n is the charge on the ion, including sign, T is the temperature in degrees Kelvin), and ai is the activity of the ion to which the electrode is responding.

Nernst Factor (S, Slope)

The term 2.3RT/nF is the Nernst equation, which is equal (at T = 25°C) to 59.16 mV when n = 1 and 29.58 mV when n - 2, and which includes the sign of the charge on the ion in the term n. The Nerst factor varies with temperature.


A group of computers that are connected to each other by communications lines to share information and resources.


One half of a byte.


A nickel chrome/nickel silicone thermal alloy used to measure high temperatures. Inconsistencies in thermoelectric voltages exist in these alloys with respect to the wire gage.

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