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Term Definition

Mega; one million. When referring to memory capacity, two to the twentieth power (1,048,576 in decimal notation).

Machine Language

Instructions that are written in binary form that a computer can execute directly. Also called object code and object language.

Mandrel (Balancing Arbor)

An accurately machined shaft on which work is mounted for balancing.

Manual Reset (Adjustment)

The adjustment on a proportioning controller which shifts the proportioning band in relationship to the set point to eliminate droop or offset errors.

Manual Reset (Switch)

The switch in a limit controller that manually resets the controller after the limit has been exceeded.

Mass Flow Rate

Volumetric flowrate times density, i.e. pounds per hour or kilograms per minute.

Mass Storage

A device like a disk or magtape that can store large amounts of data readily accessible to the central processing unit.

Material Handling

The movement, storage, control, and protection of materials and products throughout the process of their manufacture, distribution, consumption and disposal.

Maximum Elongation

The strain value where a deviation of more than ±5% occurs with respect to the mean characteristic (diagram of resistance change vs strain).

Maximum Excitation

The maximum value of excitation voltage or current that can be applied to the transducer at room conditions without causing damage or performance degradation beyond specified tolerances.

Maximum Operating Temperature

The maximum temperature at which an instrument or sensor can be safely operated.

Maximum Power Rating

The maximum power in watts that a device can safely handle.

Mean Ionic Activity Coefficient

See Activity coefficient.

Mean Temperature

The average of the maximum and minimum temperature of a processequilibrium.


A physical quantity, property, or condition which is measured.

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