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When referring to memory capacity, two to the tenth power (1024 in decimal notation).


Symbol K. The unit of absolute or thermodynamic temperature scale based upon the Celsius scale with 100 units between the ice point and boiling point of water. 0°C = 273.15K (there is no degree (°) symbol used with the Kelvin scale).

Kelvin (K)

The basic temperature unit of the thermodynamic scale. 0°C= 273K

Kilowatt (kw)

Equivalent to 1000 watts.

Kilowatt Hour (kwh)

1000 watthours. Kilovolt amperes (kva): 1000 volt amps.

Kinetic Energy

Energy associated with mass in motion, i.e., 1/2 rV2 where r is the density of the moving mass and V is its velocity.

Knife-Edge Pointer

Analog meter pointer with end flattened and turned edgewise so that the thinnest dimension or edge is seen by the observer. Often used with mirror-backed scale for increased reading accuracy by elimination of parallax.


Kilovolt amperes (1000-volt amps).

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