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The force of acceleration due to gravity equal to 32.1739 ft/sec2 or 386 in./sec2.

Gage Factor

A measure of the ratio of the relative change of resistance to the relative change in length of a piezoresistive strain gage.

Gage Length

The distance between two points where the measurement of strain occurs.

Gage pressure

Absolute pressure minus local atmospheric pressure.

Gage Pressure Transducer

A transducer which measures pressure in relation to the ambient pressure.


An all-purpose term that can be used in many situations. In its most general sense, gain is the ratio of the magnitude of the output change of a given system or device to the magnitude of the input change that caused the output change. Gain has two components: static gain and dynamic gain. Static gain is the gain relationship between the input and output and is an indicator of the ease with which the input can initiate a change in the output when the system or device is in a steady-state condition. Sensitivity is sometimes used to mean static gain. Dynamic gain is the gain relationship between the input and output when the system is in a state of movement or flux. Dynamic gain is a function of frequency or rate of change of the input.


An instrument that measures small electrical currents by means of deflecting magnetic coils.

Globe Valve

(Sliding-Stem Control Valve Terminology) A valve with a linear motion closure member, one or more ports, and a body distinguished by a globular shaped cavity around the port region. Globe valves can be further classified as: two-way single-ported; two-way double-ported; angle-style; three-way; unbalanced cage-guided; and balance cage-guided.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

A methodology of specification for a manufacturing process that ensures quality, safety, and engineering tolerances are met.


Volumetric flow rate in gallons per hour.


Volumetric flow rate in gallons per minute.


Reference point for an electrical system. Often used to indicate an earth connection or negative side of a DC supply.

Grounded Junction

A thermocouple construction where the junction is attached (grounded) to the sheath as contrasted to an ungrounded or exposed junction type.


The intentional connection of sections of an electrical circuit to a common reference conductor called the ground. The ground is almost always at a potential of zero volts and serves as the reference for the other voltages in the circuit.

GUI (Graphical User Interface)

A type of display format that enables the user to choose commands, start programs, and see lists of files and other options by pointing to pictorial representations (icons) and lists of menu items on the screen. Choices can generally be activated either with the keyboard or with a mouse.

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