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A temperature scale defined by 32° at the ice point and 212° at the boiling point of water at sea level.


(Control Valve Functions and Characteristics Terminology) A condition wherein the valve closure member moves to a closed position when the actuating energy source fails.


(Control Valve Functions and Characteristics Terminology) A condition wherein the valve closure member moves to an open position when the actuating energy source fails.


(Control Valve Functions and Characteristics Terminology) A characteristic of a valve and its actuator, which upon loss of actuating energy supply, will cause a valve closure member to be fully closed, fully open, or remain in the last position, whichever position is defined as necessary to protect the process. Fail-safe action can involve the use of auxiliary controls connected to the actuator.

Fault Tolerant

Able to withstand a considerable degree of error without crashing. This may involve copying data or mirroring data and having extra capacity. It is often achieved by using several separate processors, each monitoring the others and operating a voting system, so that if one fails, the others shut it down, call for human help and carry on operations.


Abbreviation for Fluid Controls Institute.

Feedback Signal

The return signal that results from a measurement of the directly controlled variable. For a control valve with a positioner, the return signal is usually a mechanical indication of closure member stem position that is fed back into the positioner.


A compressible tubular fitting that is compressed onto a probe inside a compression fitting to form a gas-tight seal.

Fiber Optics

A data transmission medium using light conducted through glass or plastic fibers. A fiber-optic cable has cores capable of conducting modulated light signals by internal reflection.

Field Balancing Equipment

An assembly of measuring instruments for performing balancing operations on assembled machinery which is not mounted in a balancing machine.

Field of View

A volume in space defined by an angular cone extending from the focal plane of an instrument.


Fieldbus is a generic term used to describe a common communications protocol for control systems and/or field instruments. Although some standard forms have been agreed for instruments, the DCS industry as a whole has so far no agreed fieldbus. Often, the Foundation Fieldbus is referred to simply as the Fieldbus.


A set of related records or data treated as a unit.

Filling Solution

A solution of defined composition to make contact between an internal element and a membrane or sample. The solution sealed inside a pH glass bulb is called an internal filling solution. This solution normally contains a buffered chloride solution to provide a stable potential and a designated zero potential point. The solution which surrounds the reference electrode internal and periodically requires replenishing is called the reference filling solution. It provides contact between the reference electrode internal and sample through a junction.

Final Control Elements

The device that implements the control strategy determined by the output of the controller. While the final control element can be a damper, a variable speed drive pump, or an on-off switching device, the most common final control element in the process control industries is the control valve assembly. The control valve manipulates a flowing fluid, such as gasses, steam, water, or chemical compounds, to compensate for the load disturbance and keep the regulated process variable as close as possible to the desired set point

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