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Feb 21

The PLC Never Reprograms Itself

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The other week, our product autostrapping system went haywire.  One of its sequences got mixed up and and was doing it 'before' instead of 'after'. The strap bayonet (a channel that extends underneath the product  to provide a pathway for the strap and then feeds before tightening it, retracts then position itself unto another side for another strap) was extending all the while it is moving to another position resulting in the bayonet hitting the product and getting bent and shearing its bolts.

Since the the system was run by a programmable logic controller, a group of maintenance personnel decided to disable one output bit as they are concluding that there was something wrong with the program. It made the machine run like normal though. But one colleague and I was thinking otherwise (me and that guy is not assigned for that problem, we are working somewhere else).

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