Monday, April 23, 2018

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IAM staff needs to know what you want!

With the knowledge that the field of Industrial Automation and Mechatronics with subfields instrumentation and measurement, process controls, kinematics, computer technology, and such, the staff of the Industrial Automation and Mechatronics Portal needs to know what the readers wants to have a prioritization plan on its deployment of wide range of information available.

"The vision of the IAM website is to become a hub of information related to the fields being presented."

The vision stated can be achieved but it would be a very slow process due to the fact that we have limited manpower that is providing research and website enhancement. As a matter of fact, most of us are doing not just double jobs but coming to triple or quadruple even which would include but not limited to material and article researches, website debuggings, promotions and SEOs, online and offline trainings, article copy and proof reading.

With the latest instalment of our POLL modules, shown most in our pages, it would be much easier for us to give what you need and want.

Help us so we could help you even more!

A lot of thanks and good luck to all!

Clark Jay IAM Website Administrator

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written by New Adidas Shoes, July 20, 2012
Your Blog is very good, I like it! Thank you for you sharing!
Richard Babb
What we want!!!
written by Richard Babb, August 12, 2012
Hello I am an instrument technician for a major fuel supplier in the world located in Louisiana. We have a 10 man maintenace team for our part of the facility. What a lot of the technicians could use would be some information on some equipment in particular. i.e.: Delta V FF, Yokagawa FF, 375 and 475 communicators, Have a forum board where login users can type problems they are having and issues they use a hand with. Maybe you have that section I just have not found it.
written by IAMBlogger, September 19, 2012
I will note on that Sir Richard... Thanks for the read...
written by recruitment business development, October 11, 2012
Profanity and excessive slang can sabotage the professional image you’re trying to create. Ditto the sharing of extremely personal information. When in doubt, listen or ask a good question instead of talk.
Frumencio Ruta
written by Frumencio Ruta, October 31, 2012
Only a few specializes in this field and I wished to be one. Please include this topic here soon. Thanks.

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