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DeviceNet Overview

DeviceNet LogoDeviceNet is a CAN based Layer 7 protocol originally developed by Allen-Bradley. Operation of the DeviceNet is based on an object-oriented communications model.

DeviceNet is maintained by the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA). DeviceNet is designed to connect simple devices from multiple vendors that comply with the DeviceNet etwork standards. DeviceNet device profile standards provide interchangeability between device manufacturers.

Each DeviceNet segment can connect up to 64 devices. It is a four-wire system delivering 8 amps at 24VDC, sufficient for field devices such as solenoid valves. The four wires carry signal and power ypically on a single cable. Multiple power supplies can be used for redundancy and additional power requirements.

DeviceNet uses a trunk (bus) line with drop cables connecting devices. The trunkline requires 121 ohm terminating resistors at each end of the trunk.

DeviceNet supports Master/Slave, Peer-to-Peer, and Multi-Master network models. Data can be transferred on a cyclic or change of state basis using a Producer/Consumer paradigm that conserves network bandwidth. DeviceNet is very commonly used for communications from host systems to motor control centers and variable speed drives.

Download or view the Devicenet Overview Sheet in PDF format.


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