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Discrete Control Elements

Learn the basics of On-Off ControlThe word discrete means individual or distinct. In engineering, a 'discrete' variable or measurement refers to a true or false condition...

Basic AC Electricity for Industrial Instrumentation

While direct current (DC) refers to the flow of electrical charge carriers in a continuous direction, alternating current (or AC) refers to a periodic reversal of charge flow direction... Read More...

Basic DC Electricity for Industrial Instrumentation

An eleven part article which discusses on the basics of DC electricity for Industrial Instrumentation.Click on the links below to read each part (sub-topic). Read More...

Lessons in Instrumentation

In order to understand industrial process control and automation smoothly, it is a requisite to understand each of the fields of industrial instrumentation which act as the senses and the arms and legs of the entire process control and automation concept. Click on one of the header articles of the Lessons in Instrumentation below:

 Mathematics for Industrial Instrumentation    Industrial Physics  •  Chemistry for Instrumentation    DC Electricity  •  AC Electricity  •  Introduction to Industrial Instrumentation  •  Instrumentation Documents  •  Instrument Connections  •  Discrete Process Measurement  •  Discrete Control Elements  •  Relay Control Systems  •  Programmable Logic Controllers  •  Analog Electronic Instrumentation  •  Pneumatic Instrumentation  •  Digital Data Acquisition and Networks  •  FOUNDATION Fieldbus Instrumentation  •  Instrument Calibration  •  Continuous Pressure Measurement    Continuous Level Measurement    Continuous Temperature Measurement  •  Continuous Fluid Flow Measurement    Continuous Analytical Measurement     Machine Vibration Measurement  •  Final Control Elements - Control Valves  •  Final Control Elements - Variable Speed Motor Controls    Principles of Feedback Control    Process Dynamics and PID Controller    Tuning  •  Basic Process Control Strategies  •  Process Safety and Instrumentation  •  Instrument System Problem-Solving 

Tony R. Kuphaldt

Allen-Bradley - Rockwell Automation Notes

Allen-Bradley Rockwell Automation EtherNet/IP Procedures Guide

Allen-Bradley Rockwell Automation DeviceNet and RSNetWorx Procedures Guide

Allen-Bradley Rockwell Automation ControlNet and RSNetWorx Procedures Guide

Learn and get the grasp of industrial automation and process control


Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation

Automation Online Books

Profibus Technology and Application

Profibus Technology and Application


Forum Latest Post

Active / passive PLC and weight display instrument. (0)
Hello just wondering is there a device that I could use between an active PLC analogue input and a weight display which also has an active 4 to 20 mA output. The system that we have in place at the moment is a tank weighing system, the plc...
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by larry
How do measure the level of a tank which is in vacuum pressure? (3)
to set the 4 mA output of the transmitter, a pressure equivalent to wet leg pressure must be applied to the low side of the transmitter with the high side vented to atmosphere and the adjustment made. Alternatively a vacuum equivalent to...
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Hello (3)
My name is Odell and is an instrumentation student here in Kentucky! The information is so great here. I am already half way of the instrumentation lessons.
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instrument tags I need to know (0)
I have encountered this tags at my training center practice test and I need to know what they meant. can anybody help me out. KIQ, NHV, IFC and EC i was not able to answer these.
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by EdBurns
Help: Calculate flow according to output of around 10mA (1)
10 mA is equivalent to 37.5 inches of water. You ge this by dividing (10-4)/(20-4) and multiplying by 100. Flow is equal to the square root of the differential pressure across the orifice plate. So take the square root of 37.5 which...
Total Posts- 10
by EdBurns
Allen Bradley PLC Diagnostic? (1)
I think what you have seen is the diagnostics page of an ethernet module. just type in the ip address of your ethernet module from a web browser connected to your controllogix PLC via ethernet, press enter. You will see a detailed...
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